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Where was your best pizza?

August 2, 2005 · 1 Comment

I like scazza’s story about the best pizza she ever had. It’s less about pizza (only 1 of 6 sentences mentions pizza) and more about Bari and the delightful details of travel. The end result: I want to go to Bari and eat “the milkiest, most amazing pizza of which I have never tasted the like”.

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The best pizza I have ever had, an entry by

Here is where I took the ferry to Dubrovnik. Slept on the deck, my baggage intertwined with my body, under a plastic table. The old city is amazing (the new city is crap). Saint Nick is buried there; it is a city of stone, narrow alleyways, arches, coves with shrines to Jesus and Mary full of candles and color in the shadows. I walked past a woman making fresh orichiette. There is also a pizza place there with the milkiest, most amazing pizza of which I have never tasted the like. I drank tequila there on the plaza—simply a magical place.

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  • patriciah711 // September 14, 2005 at 11:39 am | Reply

    the best pizza in the world is in Squirell Hill, in Pittsburgh, PA at a place called Minio’s (spelling?) everytime I go through Pittsburgh I have to stop and have a slice. I recommend it highly.

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