Lists of Bests … worth consuming

The new and improved Lists of Bests is moving closer to public release. We are starting to invite everyone that wanted into the beta and folks seem to be enjoying themselves.

For those not familiar with the original Lists of Bests, it was a site for tracking your progress on lists of books, music and movies. We’ve expanded on Bill Turner’s original idea by adding food, people, places, and goals. You can adopt existing lists, create your own (e.g. “My favorite people in France”) and the community gets to maintain definitive lists such as the Academy Awards ‘Best Picture’.

Here’s what beta tester Niklas has to say:

Another thing I’m really keen on, is Lists of Bests, a site recently bought by The Robot Co-op … at first I feared this would turn out to be a catalogue for people with asperger’s syndrome, but no, it’s actually very nice. First, there are a bunch of big lists available already, divided into categories, such as “Movies”, “Books” and “Music”. For movies, you’ve got lists like “The Online Film Critics Society’s ‘Top 100 Overlooked Films of the 1990s’” and “The Criterion Collection”, which you devour by entering them, clicking the check-boxes and note whether or not the film was worth consuming.

Get on in there and let us know what you think!

3 Responses to “Lists of Bests … worth consuming”

  1. Tim Jarrett Says:

    What about the accounts that we created on the old Lists of Bests site? Will those be accessible at some point? I’m not really looking forward to marking the 500+ items as read, listened and watched again that I had done on the original site…

    Should I create a new account or wait for you guys to migrate the old accounts?

  2. Chuq Says:

    Now this is a fun site! Watch me lose all productivity now.

  3. titilayo Says:

    I’ve just went over to the new Lists of Bests and I have the same question as Tim above. Will the old accounts be migrated?

    Also, some of the lists are faulty (I’m pretty sure Pride and Prejudice isn’t a Booker Prize winner) which is something you might want to take a look at.

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