All Consuming has become a part of the Robot Co-op family!

I’m happy to announce that the Robot Co-op has decided to take over maintenance and further development of All Consuming. Yay! In case it’s not obvious, this is a very good thing!

In case you’ve never heard of this site before, it’s basically a site that helps you keep track of what you’re reading, listening to, watching, and (our new favorite media) eating. Check out how Josh and Bob have tagged their steak frites from the Elysian! If you have a 43 Things account already, you can log in from here and begin building the list of things that you’re consuming.

The main thing that this means to existing All Consuming users is that we are moving the site over to more stable servers, and integrating the accounts and infrastructure into 43 Things. The new version of the site is, and we’re going to ask that people open up a 43 Things account (if they don’t already have one) and import their existing All Consuming account into it if they want to continue using the new version of the site. The two versions of the site will exist alongside each other for 90 days, at which point we’ll be moving version over to If anyone doesn’t want to move your list over, they don’t need to do anything at all.

I bet people have questions! Learn more here →

I’m very excited that we’ll be able to actually continue working on this—as part of my job no less! If you have feedback or questions, you can email me (erikbenson at gmail dot com) or all of us at the Robot Co-op (robotcoop at gmail dot com).

7 Responses to “All Consuming has become a part of the Robot Co-op family!”

  1. beth Says:

    Congratulations Erik, this is excellent news! I am about to become a new 43 Thinger!

  2. Daniel Fisher Says:

    I have created a greasemonkey script to make the labels beside each radio button at the top of allconsuming behave like HTML labels (thus you can click on the label instead of zero-ing in on the radio button itself)<br />
    <br />

  3. bostonian71 Says:

    The site works a lot faster now, and it’s cool to be hooked up with 43Things. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. James Says:

    Anywhere to add feature requests / wishlist?

  5. andrew Says:

    Will this mean that the API will be expanded to extend functionality for book lists, movie lists, etc? I’m not yet finding any information regarding this… hints?

  6. Alisha Says:

    Why is it that the login page is blank? At least, it’s blank for me. I love using All Consuming but this makes it sort of difficult to do.

  7. Ariah Fine Says:

    All Consuming needs a “soon to be” or “about to be” or “someday will” consume section.

    That way people can know what I’m about to read and watch.


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