Assumptions wrong, sound quiet

We had feared that when we staffed up the operation that the noise in our one big room would be too much. Turns out it is deadly silent. Except for the clicking of powerbook keys . . . and the (on by default) burps and yelps of ichat.

5 Responses to “Assumptions wrong, sound quiet”

  1. Eric Hodel Says:

    I’m just pretending to use that laptop, its really Dan’s.

  2. Nathaniel Talbott Says:

    So where’s yours, Eric?

  3. Eric Hodel Says:

    Its coming soon, very soon, Nathaniel.

  4. Daniel Spils Says:

    Rumor has it Eric is eyeing a 17” powerbook. That could round out the mac field at the Co-op.

  5. matt Says:

    OK, don’t laugh, but you guys really need to think about ergonomics. Slouching like that all day can have devastating long term effects.

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