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New iPhone App

November 30, 2009 · 14 Comments

We robots love our iPhones (Joe is the only robot without one).  Now there’s an all new version of the 43 Things app.  It’s gotten a complete UI redesign and some new features that we hope will make it more fun and useful.  You can post entries with photos using the built in camera, add new goals, and review your goals, completed goals, and entries.  There’s one new feature for iPhone app users only: a 0-100% progress meter for each goal.

Download it for free from the iTunes Store using this link, or search for “43 things” (PS. we had to release a new app rather than do an upgrade of our existing app, so users who already have our app will have to install it again instead of upgrading).  We hope you like it!

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43 Things: Our 5 Year Anniversary

November 16, 2009 · 11 Comments

We are rapidly coming up on the 5th anniversary of 43 Things’ appearance on the interweb. When we were first getting started, way back in 2004, we decided to put out a “primitive” version of the site. We code-named this experiment “Twinkler”.

“Twinkler” was a very basic version of 43 Things. This site let you make a list of your goals and told you how many people had the same goal in common. The site didn’t have accounts, reminders, entries, images, profile pages, search results, or any of the things you might expect a site like to have. What it did have was a big provocative question: “What do you want to do with your life?

43 Things, November 21, 2004

Within 43 days, more than 200,000 people had made a list of their goals on “Twinkler” and we knew we had an idea that was resonating with people all around the world. Five years later, over 2 million more people have used 43 Things to make a life list, a list of the goals they want to accomplish most. Since then, we’ve met users of 43 Things from all over the world, put out a book of goals submitted by users of 43 Things, and seen the site make differences in people’s live we never could have imagined 5 years ago.

To commemorate the last 5 years, we are bringing the simplicity of that first version of 43 Things to our site’s homepage for a few months while we celebrate our anniversary. At the end of the week you’ll see the homepage direct some attention on the question “What do you want to do in 2010?” We hope you enjoy our tribute to our humble beginnings as we re-connect with our past and we hope you’ll think about what you want out of the next year, as we celebrate 5 years of 43 Things.

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Don’t give up! The tab is back

November 16, 2009 · 5 Comments

Sorry for the slip up that led to a dust up but now it’s all fixed up. We were working on a new project (more on that in the next post) and we accidentally stepped on the “I’ve given up” tab.

Don't give up!

We know folks keep track of given up goals for all kinds of reasons. Be assured, your given up goals never disappeared - just the tab that let you see them went missing. Now the tab is back, and you’ll be wondering, “How can 1 calorie taste so good?”

The Tab is back!

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