Sites are down

We’re having some server issues at the moment which we hope to have solved soon. We’ll keep you posted on progress …

update: sites are back up. We’re tweaking boxes today but we should be able to keep the sites live while we do so. I’ll let you know if things go wonky, but I think we should be alright.

3 Responses to “Sites are down”

  1. wildaboutthecats Says:

    Thanks, Daniel, for letting us know what’s going on.

  2. Todd Schoonover Says:

    Thanks for the update Daniel, and the emails from you and Ivan regarding the email server issue recently. Things are still wonky, especially regarding the cheer pages being out of sync (hence “in the future ago” messages). Thanks to all of you for what you do for us, and for keeping us informed.

  3. Daniel Spils Says:

    Hi Todd — thanks for the heads up. Sounds like we are indeed out of sync. I’ll let Ivan know and get it worked out tomorrow morning.

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