load balancing act

I returned today from a vacation on Maui. Ivan spent a chunk of the morning explaining the new load balancer setup. Laurel dreamed up this system for distributing recognized and unrecognized traffic in a way that plays well with traffic and webservers. If you’re recognized (that means you’re logged into the site) you get a cookie and go to one set of boxes. If you’re unrecognized (not logged in) you go to another set of boxes. Simple but helpful when balancing the needs of recognized users, unrecognized users and databases all while remaining reasonably frugal.

However, the best part was watching Ivan sketch this out in the dirt on a morning walk. I snapped these photos before he noticed me doing so, then watched later as he sketched it for everyone on paper.

here’s the fullsize picture

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  1. Emily Says:

    You guys are nerds. :]

    What I’m really saying, kettle, is that you’re black.

    The Pot

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