Tuning the database … back shortly

Ivan is tuning the database to improve performance. We should be back up in less than an hour.

update: began maintenance at 10:10am PST (expect to be back up at 11:10am PST)

latest update: sites are coming back up now — it’s 11:15am PST (65 minutes total)

If you’re still seeing the “Scheduled Maintenance” page, try refreshing your browser a couple times. That’ll normally do the trick.

2 Responses to “Tuning the database … back shortly”

  1. gail Says:

    Thanks for a great web site. Thanks for opening the doors and windows to the world of dreams.

  2. BeeQueen Says:

    Thank you to all the ‘Bots! You all do a great job keeping the site going for us. Happy Holidays to each & every one of you. BeeQueen, 43T user

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