Sites are back up

If you’re still seeing the “Scheduled Maintenance” page, try refreshing your browser a couple times. Thanks for your patience.

7 Responses to “Sites are back up”

  1. Sean Says:

    I received the maintenance page at 2:13 PM PST. I know this wasn’t cached locally because I hadn’t visited the site for at least several days prior to this. Refreshing several times did work.

  2. Silvie Says:

    The site seems ok mainly but I am still getting the scheduled downtime page when I click on my subscribers.

    Ive tried refreshing and logging out and back in, and it’s stille problem…is it just me??

  3. ursula Says:

    Ive tried refreshing & signing in/out. Still doesn’t work!

  4. ursula Says:

    Still trying… can’t not access my “cheers” page.

  5. Silvie Says:

    Still having difficulty getting my subscriptions, but I can get there by clicking on 43 people and in that way. 2 extra clicks, but at least I can see them!

    (is this only me???)

  6. tina Says:

    i’m still getting the ’site down’ page too. and it’s dec 10! i can weasle my way in but it’s a process…

  7. Daniel Spils Says:

    Sounds like the “site maintenance” page may be cached in your browsers. I’d suggest reloading the page a couple times to see if you get the correct page. Let me know if that works. Thanks.

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