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We’ve been talking a lot in the past few months about removing features in order to clarify 43 Places. Pass the butter, clear the clutter. Later today we’ll be removing check ins from 43 Places. No longer will you be able to check in to 43 Places from your mobile phone. Also, we’ll remove the “did you go here today?” and green “Check in” button from the place detail page along with the “regulars” people bucket. Goodbyes are sweet sadness, but the good news is there will be more room for the 43 Places features that we all love and use. See you later check ins …


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  1. LunaNueva Says:

    ::GASP:: I was a fan of checking in often, quite often actually! I came directly here after seeing that the button was gone on 43P!! I’ll certainly miss the feature, but hope to see the new features you talk about. Do you need -guinea pigs- betatesters to try them out? ;)

  2. Daniel Spils Says:

    LunaNueva — thanks for loving check ins. They’ll be missed by a small but passionate bunch. For the most part, everyone who uses the sites is a beta tester. You’ve been beta testing check ins without realizing it ;-)

    Hope all is well.

  3. arlene Says:

    When will43 things be up and running again? I miss my daily visits!


  4. Daniel Spils Says:

    Hi Arlene -

    43 Things is up and running smoothly. Drop us an email if you’re having trouble and I’ll try to help you out.


  5. DJStroky Says:

    No fair!! Do you realize how much information I’ve lost because you guys removed this feature? If you guys could’ve told me this feature was going away, I wouldn’t have put so much effort into this. Could I at least get a txt database of my checkins? I keep records of this stuff for personal use.

    On that note, are you cutting off anything else? Should I quit posting entries to your site? While you’re at it, please take my suggestion to offer a way to backup our information from 43 things and 43 places. I knew that I was running a risk of losing information by posting on your site and now that fear has been realized.

    So lame. And without warning too!! If I knew you were just gonna yank this away, I would’ve attempted to store the information for my personal use.

  6. MFM Says:

    Bummer. I used this feature all the time. Just went to check in and couldn’t. Also - my list of check ins and places I was a regular are just G-O-N-E. I’m already sad that I’m never chosen as a local ambassador and now I can’t check in. BOO!

  7. stagger Says:

    Alas, I used to check into places all the time as well, and still did after my actual posting tailed off due to time constraints. Hopefully y’all will merely rethink the feature as I thought it did have a lot of potential especially with the mobile aspects.

  8. cyclepromo Says:

    I’m sure most people don’t realize that some features might disappear. If they become used to using one feature it can cause some issues when it disappears.

  9. texan1510 Says:

    Aw. On one hand, I’ll kind of miss it. On the other hand, it does look a LOT cleaner without it.

    Just a note though…I noticed you got rid of the check-in FAQ. You might also want to get rid of the reference in the overall FAQ:

  10. jewellery Says:

    I used this feature all the time. Just went to check in and couldn’t. Also - my list of check ins and places I was a regular are just G-O-N-E. I’m already sad that I’m never chosen as a local ambassador and now I can’t check in. BOO!

  11. Daniel Spils Says:

    Thanks, Texan1510 — I just removed the reference in the FAQ.

  12. Daniel Says:

    Hi! I’ve been meaning to contact you, but I procrastinated that, badly. Anyway, I forgot my username, hence I can’t log back in or change my password! Is there anyway I could get my login back? If I received a confirmation email at the beginning, I probably deleted it. If you could please help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

  13. Sangesh Says:


    i think you need to have some articles like “43 things i would do when i am online” “43 things i would do virtually”or something like that.

    just a suggestion…


  14. malkuth1026 Says:

    I can not log into my 43things account at all. I had the site send me a new password but it is never working or the eye exam image will not appear so that I can process my log in from the link sent in the change password e-mail. I really want to be able to log into my account and work on my things :( What’s going on??? How can I get into my account. I really don’t want to have to create a new one… HELP! Please HELP.

  15. Teitur Says:

    There is also a link to checking in to places via mobile phone on the left on the [edit your profile] page.

  16. Daniel Spils Says:

    Good catch, Teitur. I’ll tell Todd on Monday. Thanks.

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