Should Do This launches

This morning we pulled the curtain all the way back to review what we’ve been working on for a few months. Should Do This is a suggestion box for the internet. The early reviews are coming in:

“Should Do This is dead simple … Should Do This offers another innovative option for companies to manage user suggestions and sort the good from the bad.” - Read/Write Web

“The premise behind Should Do This began from the creators’ necessity for a discussion platform enabling users to make suggestions for their other web service, 43 Things.” - Mashable

“It’s called Should Do This and it allows anyone to post suggestion on companies, politicians, sports teams or anything else they desire: - John Cook, Venture blog, Seattle Post Intelligencer

We’ve moved our idea collection from the old (and confusing) ideas sites over to Should Do This. If you have suggestions for one of our sites use the it’s suggestion box:

6 Responses to “Should Do This launches”

  1. Emma Says:

    This is like FeVote - - but less serious.

    Really simple though, should be fun.

  2. Jeffro2pt0 Says:

    Hey there. I reviewed this service via I love the idea and I Think this thing has a ton of potential.

  3. samuel Says:

    Do you all have any ideas on why your Open ID installation does not support MovableType’s OpenID server? Many other prominent sites deal work correctly. Is this something that you can fix? If so, please do! I really don’t need another account on another site.

  4. aaron Says:

    I’m wondering what is in the works for 43places and 43things as far as the front end goes. Because if I’m honest I love the idea of these sites but they haven’t changed much in two years and now feel clunky and dated when compared to Facebook, Google Web 2.0 stuff and other sites out there. I really want to use 43 places more but I think you guys should really rethink your presentation. Just my 2 cents.

    So what’s in the works for later? :)

  5. Paulo Querido Says:


  6. DJStroky Says:

    I totally agree with Aaron. The 43 websites haven’t evolved with the speed of the world wide web.

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