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We’ve been at work for a while now on a new project called Should Do This. Today we’re welcoming some of the people who have volunteered to help test out the new site.

Should Do This is a site all about suggestions. It is a way to go public with your good idea and see if you can get some support from the rest of the internet. Anyone can create a suggestion box on Should Do This for any company, product, government agency, non-profit, sports team, neighborhood association … pretty much anything or anyone.

The idea for Should Do This grew out of a site we used to run called “”. The Ideas site was for giving feedback about 43 Things and worked great for a while, but we also learned it was confusing to a lot of people. Many people just got on and listed their goals like they were on 43 Things. Can’t really blame them as it looked the same (silly robots!).

Enter Should Do This. What we discovered from the Ideas site was that creating an easy-to-use suggestion box that was visible to the whole community of users allowed people to rally around and support a good idea. So we’ll be bringing back “” but it will link to our suggestion box on Should Do This. The same is true for the other sites we run.

But that’s not all. We thought if a suggestion box is good for 43 Things, it would probably work well for other people’s websites too. So we’ve made it easy for a company or individual to set up and manage their own suggestion box. You can even map it to your domain and customize the appearance to make it part of your site.

Please give us your feedback via Should Do This (enter the wonderfully named suggestion statement: Should Do This should do …). We’ll invite around 100 people today and continue to let others in as we get things more better. If you haven’t already done so, sign up for the beta and we’ll get you on in there soon!

8 Responses to “Should Do This”

  1. Chuq Says:

    I like the site. The design is awesome (more 37signals love?) and I think some of the features should be migrated to the other sites! Ooooh, I’ll make that a suggestion on the site! w00t!

  2. Josh Petersen Says:

    The design work is by Jason Sutter, formerly of Blogger/Google. Thanks Chuq!

  3. northernlighthc Says:

    That’s very nice, but… I can’t get in. I just managed to get a confirmation link by email, but it only opens the main page again. :(

  4. Amethyst Says:

    High five, Josh! This is great!

  5. Laurel Fan Says:

    northernlighthc: if you got the email, it includes a secret code that you enter at the bottom of the beta page.

  6. Tony Wright Says:

    Very very neat. Congrats!

  7. hasnath Says:

    i thought my one of the things i wanted to do was unique but it appears that even i am not doing it.What does this mean ?

  8. kate Says:

    This site is a really poor excuse for assistance when 43things or 43places has some sort of website error and refuses to allow you to post an entry or a question.

    Especially when it asks you to log in and then won’t accept your same user info as the other websites.

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