All Consuming down for a short spell

AC transfer

We’re transferring the DNS settings for All Consuming this morning and that means it’ll be down for a little bit. The back story on this one is that was registered by Buster long before the Robot Co-op was around. He and I spent many hours over the last 3 years trying to transfer the domain from Gandi to Joker (where we have 43T, 43P, 43Peeps, LOB, etc. registered). This was not easy. In fact, it was a total pain in the ass (damn you Gandi!).

But the good news is the transfer has occurred and we’re yanking the band-aid off the DNS settings today. Soon (hopefully later today) All Consuming will be humming again.

 UPDATE (Aug 8): All Consuming is back up as of a couple days ago.

2 Responses to “All Consuming down for a short spell”

  1. bookishindiangirl Says:

    In Gujarati, the word “gandi” (NOT Gandhi with an H- which of course was the last name of the Mahatma) means “crazy girl”

    so maybe you’re better off with Joker?


  2. Daniel Spils Says:

    This was more like crazy company behavior … although it’s nice to know the etymology. be crazy for sure!

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