The “Fan”

chinese fan

As you may know we regularly eat lunch together and play Credit Card Roulette when the bill comes round. Quick recap: we shuffle our credit cards and randomly pick one. The “winner” pays the bill. Over the years we’ve played this game folks have had losing streaks. Painful streaks where you secretly wish you’d lose just to not see Todd lose for the 4th time in a week. But until now the longest straight losing streak has been 4 times in a row. Here’s what we call it when you lose …

  • 2 times in a row = 2 times in a row
  • 3 times in a row = a Turkey
  • 4 times in a row = an Ostrich
  • 5 times in a row? Inconceivable!

Until now. Losing 5 times in a row is no longer an inconceivable truth. Thanks to Laurel’s loss today we’ve now coined the “Fan” or losing 5 times in a row. Congratulations, Laurel Fan. Lunch was delicious.

10 Responses to “The “Fan””

  1. Laurel Says:

    That’s what I get for not losing the previous two weeks… Well, at least I’m not playing for the rest of the week (I have lunch plans, I’m not just boycotting CCR).

  2. Tiisme Says:

    I’m curious. Is anyone especially lucky?

  3. Daniel Says:

    Yes. “Drbrain”: was particularly (suspiciously?) lucky. That’s probably why he left the company — felt we were on to his “tell”.

  4. Eric Hodel Says:

    I think my maximum winning streak was two months. I am king of CCR.

  5. Daniel Says:

    I’ve always said you’re an Eagle Scout … and a _thief!_ Come on, tell us how you did it. Grease your card so it would slip off the picker’s fingers? Or was it your auto-wiggle leg that skewed the odds?

  6. Larry Gilbert Says:

    Still can’t believe y’all haven’t embraced BillMonk for this kind of thing. Rails projects gotta stick together, man! :-)

    (I’m not connected with BillMonk, just a fanatical user as I am with 43 Things et al.)

  7. Larry Gilbert Says:

    Sorry about the double post. The site didn’t give me any feedback that my post went through.

    So if she gets six in a row, are you going to rename _that_ to “the Fan” or are you going to have to come up with a new name?

  8. Daniel Says:

    Six in a row may become a “Larry”.

  9. Larry Gilbert Says:


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