We support John Edwards!

Well, maybe that puts it too strongly. It isn’t that we are ready to throw our influential endorsement behind John Edwards but we do fully support his campaign’s use of 43 Things. You can see the John Edwards profile page on our site with a list of goals that reads like a political platform (well, actually, that platform doesn’t say much about alternative energy, Iraq, or North Korea, but it is a start). Not only can you see his goals, his Flickr stream shows what he’s up to on the campaign trail.

We never considered how your goals on 43 Things could become a platform to campaign on, but it actually works great. Best of all, limiting any politician to 43 goals is almost certainly a good idea. Instead of letting a politician be for everything, we ought to ask “What are your 43 Things?”

On this day, with the Edwards family in the news, we wish them our best. We hope for a cure and that Mrs. Edwards beats this thing once and for all. We hope too that we’ll see more candidates, from all parties and all levels of government, join 43 Things and make their goals public.

3 Responses to “We support John Edwards!”

  1. yakuza Says:

    Well, I’m assuming that Mr. Edwards has already accomplished the following goals:

    # “Work on a political campaign”:http://www.43things.com/things/view/17
    # “work on a presidential campaign”:http://www.43things.com/things/view/264004
    # “run for public office”:http://www.43things.com/things/view/595
    # “Meet a Democratic Senator”:http://www.43things.com/things/view/69770

    Am I wrong?

  2. Osolage Says:

    I’m not so sure that this is authentic. I am pulling for John Edwards and I’m looking for him to do bigger things than what’s on that list. I think the concept of posting your campaign goals on 43things is a great idea, but only if it’s for real. I’d want to see some sort of valid authenticity of the user before I trusted that account. (I wonder if Identity 2.0 can help with that somehow. Perhaps there needs to be an Endorsement 2.0 or Approval 2.0 venture…)

  3. Josh Petersen Says:

    The image we grabbed is from John Edwards campaign site — and they link to that page. I think you are right that these aren’t his real campaign issues — I think they say somewhere they are goals of campaign staffers.

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