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We’ve been five Robots for a while and it’s been a nice change of pace. But when we recently talked with Laurel about working at the Co-op it was immediately clear it was a match made in Robot heaven. A power user of the sites, an honest to goodness SDE with an Electrical and Computing Engineering degree (the rest of us are liberal arts majors … or simply street smart) and a believer in possibilities . What’s not to love? Howdy Laurel!

Laurel will be taking the title of “shortest walk to work” from me. I’m nine blocks and I believe she’s five. Go ahead and say ‘howdy’ to Laurel. Subscribe to her while you’re at it. Oh – this is a good time to mention that Laurel sits on a ball instead of a chair. Crazy jazz!

13 Responses to “Laurel & Howdy”

  1. buffyf Says:

    I’ve noticed what you’re doing with the “become anorexic” goals. Where do we all cheer you for that?
    Way to take a stand robots!
    Are you going to address the suicidal goals as well?

  2. Josh Petersen Says:

    We’ll be adding resources/info to the suicide, get fat, and other self harm goals. Today we made a start with the anorexia and bulimia goals. It takes a bit of time to pull the content together and to handle it all in an OK way.

    If you know of goals we should address in a similar manner you can email them to [email protected].

    We’ll be doing more in the next few weeks to educate folks on site policies and describe some of the new tools to keep the site positive and useful.

  3. Laurel Says:

    I don’t always have moss on my head though.

  4. ramblingrose Says:

    I also wanted to congratulate you on the approach you’ve taken with the “anorexic” goal. It’s brilliant! I don’t want goals to be censored, but at the same time one doesn’t want to encourage destructive behavior. Nice going, y’all.

  5. Daniel Says:

    We’ll be doing more to bolster the community of the site, allowing users to police spam accounts, and making sure sensitive goals are given the correct attention. But on another note — Howdy Laurel! I didn’t want the anorexic goals to steal your fire!

    Sorry about the moss shot. I think your blog was down yesterday and I couldn’t find a less-mossy shot. However, it is your 43T avatar so I figured it was fitting. See you after SXSW.

  6. Alon Cohen Says:

    Howdy’ Laurel

    Laural first, congratulations on joining the Robots.

    I have been surfing your Blogs for 30 minutes while also searching for a contact information on your different web sites. So far with no luck.

    So why am I writing here.

    I did find on your 43Places FAQ the following statement:
    “We think it is important that people who get value out of a community find ways to support that community, but we are committed to finding clever ways to make this happen.”

    All I want is to try and suggest a new clever way to add value. I wanted to hook up with the correct Robot to discuss a simple widget that can bring value to many users, we call that the Travel Advisors’ Network.

    I really appreciate it if you could help me get in contact with the correct Robot.

    I can be reached at the e-mail or URL above. (Has nothing to do with wine).

    Congratulations again and thanks.

  7. absnasm Says:

    Hey, new robot! Welcome, Laurel. I’ve duly subscribed to you because I am a) a robot fangirl and b) I always do what the robots tell me too. I should probably keep that quiet.

    Oh, and I also approve of the work you’re doing on the more, shall we say, self-destructive goals. Funny how all the anorexics immediately jumped to the conclusion that you were deleting them. Maybe if they ate something once in a while they’d be a smidgen less paranoid.

  8. RuthG Says:

    Welcome, Laurel! Glad to see a new Robot.

  9. Todd Schoonover Says:

    Welcome new Robot Laurel. I for one like the mossy hair, but I hope that you’ll not let any moss grow around 43Things.

  10. Chuq/yakuza Says:

    Hey Laurel, welcome to the Robot Coop! Congrats!

  11. Trinah Says:

    Welcome Laurel!

    And oh how I love what you’ve done to the ‘become anorexic’ goal. It is always so sad reading the entries on that goal. Keep doing what you’re doing with goals of similar style to those!

  12. vex Says:

    So, when are you going to add Laurel to your right-side list of Robots? :)

  13. Laurel Says:

    Daniel and I added my picture to the sidebar today. Typo was giving us some sass, but we showed it what’s what.

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