Lose weight and search

I got the flu on Thursday and when I weighed myself I was down 5 lbs. Not bad! Though I don’t think I’m ready to adopt influenza as a lifestyle.

What, pray tell, could any of this have to do with search on 43 Things? Well for a long time, if you searched for “lose weight” on our site, you wouldn’t find the very popular goal until the second or third page of results. Thanks to something called ferret, Ivan was able to roll out a whole new search engine to 43 Things with very little effort. Now when you search for lose weight on 43 Things, guess what you get?

Hopefully you can meet your goal without succumbing to the flu virus. And thanks to the good folks behind ferret!

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  1. ToddSchoonover Says:

    Huzzah! I love the new search routine as I’ve been able to quickly find things that I used to have to go through pages and pages of search results to find before. Thank you Robots.

    And sorry about the double comment earlier, but this page isn’t clearing the comment box after submitting it.

  2. headapollo Says:

    I was going to ask for something like this on ideas.43things.com because I’ve been using Google to search 43 things. So thanks!

  3. http://www.treo700.org Says:

    Hi, Just discovered 43 things and bookmarked the site.

  4. Bettyrebel Says:

    Love it.

  5. absnasm Says:

    Brilliant. Much improved. It’s the little things, Robots.

  6. Hone Says:

    Yeah I’ve been using Google to search 43 things too. The 5 pounds would mainly be water weight.

  7. ToddSchoonover Says:

    I’ve noticed that you still can’t get the search result for user “now” on any of the sites. While his pages exist and I’m subscribed to him, when you search for him on any of the sites he isn’t found.

  8. ArmyAngel Says:

    How do we contact someone if there’s a problem with a log-in? My mom tried to open an account at 43things, but it wouldn’t let her. I opened an account for her, and now I can log in under her name on my computer, but she can’t log in on her computer.

    An improvement would be for a “contact” link if someone is having problems!

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