43T-shirts: the hidden store revealed!

A couple years ago I printed up some 43 Things t-shirts on a lark (figuratively speaking). It’s pretty much been a hidden store this whole time. However last week I ordered a good number of shirts (I believe I have 50+ in stock now). If you’re interested in getting a custom hand-screenprinted 43 Things t-shirt then head on over to the once hidden store and order a shirt for $12. Shipping is included and we accept Paypal. The shirts come in black or pink (oh the variety!). I’ve roughly calculated sizes, so measure thrice and order once.

I should warn you that although the shirts are honest and cool, there is no football field-size warehouse with supply chain management being fed by a ravenous group of merchandisers. The shirts are on the shelf in our server room. I package and ship them in the morning before the other Robots arrive. When we’re running low I walk down the street and order a couple dozen shirts from Brian at Torpedo. And there is no 43T logo on the shirt … just the simple individualist statement, “I am doing 43 Things.” (and you’d have it no other way!).

P.S. if you complete this goal be sure to check it off your list

3 Responses to “43T-shirts: the hidden store revealed!”

  1. me Says:

    jeez. haven’t you guys heard of http://cafepress.com ?

  2. Daniel Says:

    Have you ever ordered a shirt from Cafe Press? I’ve designed and ordered on 3 separate occassions. Unless something has changed — yikes!

  3. Zach Says:

    Yeah! C’mon, some better shirt designs could be used, but over all, nice work ;)

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