Site down Jan. 4 11am PST

We’re tweaking the database and the site has to be down for a few minutes. We’re hoping we’ll be up shortly. Thanks for your patience!

UPDATE: we’re back at 11:10 PST! Down about 10-15 minutes. Thanks folks.

8 Responses to “Site down Jan. 4 11am PST”

  1. buffyf Says:


    I see that the site in general is up again, but when I try to access my own things list I’m getting the scheduled maintenance/ folder chair image.



  2. Daniel Says:

    Hi Buffyf -

    That’s likely a caching issue — which means you need to clear your cache in your browser. Email us at [email protected] if you’ve never cleared your browser cache and I’ll fill you in. Thanks!

  3. buffyf Says:

    Thanks! That did it - all better now.

  4. bookishindiangirl Says:

    Hello I am getting a “scheduled downtime” page when i try to go to my page.

    and yet other folks’ pages are working…

  5. bookishindiangirl Says:


    Never mind!

    i cleared my cache as you recommended above!

  6. SurferinCR Says:

    “Scheduled downtime” is all I get from 43 Things for the past 3 days. I’ve tried to clear the cache in my AOL by using their instructions, but the directions don’t coincide with the user tools. Do you have a simple way to do this?

  7. Daniel Says:

    Hi SurferinCR:

    I’m sorry you’re having trouble — it’s definitely a caching issue. I’m not familiar with AOL, but I found two articles with Google search which may help. Try “reading this”: and “this”: Good luck and let us know if you’re able to figure it out.

  8. SurferinCR Says:

    Clicking re-load while holding down the Ctrl button worked… THANK you!!

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