Sites down Nov. 29 9pm PST (60 minutes or less, we hope)

We’re going to activate the new database we’ve been talking about in recent weeks. This will allow the site to be up 24/7. We’ll no longer bring the sites down daily to backup the database. Exciting times!

The best part is that it’s an avid 43T user who is doing the behind-the-scenes work to make this happen. Chuq will be bringing the db online tomorrow. Go Chuq!

Chuq is pretty much a legend around the office as he was the first person to push the limit of things done. Currently Chuq has done 3,441 things. No joke.

We plan to be down for less than 60 minutes. Could be less; could be more if we run into any unforeseen issues. We’ll post updates here if things get crunchy.

UPDATE (Nov. 29 10pm PST): Aborting mission tonight. Chuq is diligently working with Eric & Ivan. It’s taking longer than expected so we decided to do a little more prep work and take another swing at the piñata in a day or so. Stay tuned kids.

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  1. dwlt Says:

    Great news! And way to go Chuq!

  2. YouDontKnowMe Says:

    Awesome news, guys :) Pretty hardcore. Any hint as to whether this might fix up the subscriptions pages too? Just wondering :)

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