Added another box to 43 Things

“Box” in this case means webserver. Prior to last week there were two webservers dedicated to 43 Things. Now there are three. One could argue (as I will) that this makes the site more stable. Not necessarily faster, but healthier in general. We’ve managed to stablize quite a few performance issues and errors over the past few weeks and we’re still working on delivering more Woot! and less Oops!

17 Responses to “Added another box to 43 Things”

  1. Absnasm Says:

    Yay, thank you, lovely Robots.

  2. Flirt Says:

    *WOOT, WOOT!!!*

  3. headapollo Says:

    I have definitely noticed a big improvement. Not a failed action or page load in the last two weeks.

  4. vex Says:

    Any word on paragraph breaks and when they’re expected to come back? ;)

  5. Daniel Says:

    I believe the paragraph break fix was fixed yesterday afternoon. It appears to be working now for me. I just posted a long one with 3 paragraph breaks.

  6. Flirt Says:

    Good morning, Robots!

    The paragraph break is working GREAT, but the subscition page started messing up again last night. Only a few people’s entries are showing up, and if you go to someone’s aggrevated feed page, the entries aren’t showing up there like they should be, either .

    Also, the last comment that I know someone made to me, I haven’t received and e-mail about yet.


  7. Flirt Says:

    P.S. It looks like not receiving the e-mail might have been an isolated incident, but the rest of the problems still stand.

  8. Nathan Howe Says:

    Robots, plenty of WOOT! on fixing so many of the performance issues in the past few weeks. My biggest one has actually gotten worse, and it just happened to me while trying to type in a comment here on the Robot Co-op Blog. To this point, I had only experienced it on 43 Things and Lists of Bests. See my issue at


  9. vex Says:

    Yikes! Paragraph troubles again! (And RSS troubles persist.) In my RSS feeds, paragraphs show as “/>”. Actual 43T entries on the site look ok. And old entries keep reappearing on my RSS feeds…

  10. snowleopard10 Says:

    I’ve noticed in the past couple of days that there is a delay in the main subscription feed updating. E.g. somebody may write something which appears as an entry on their page, but it won’t show up on the subscription page until a long time (several hours sometimes) later. Would be great if you could look into it, and thanks for all the wonderful work you do – the site generally is working a lot better lately.

  11. snowleopard10 Says:

    The subscriptions suddenly seem to be working again! Thanks for fixing it!

  12. Flirt Says:

    The subscriptions still aren’t working yet as far as I can tell. A few of my subscribees have continued to work properly, but most are several hours behind, like they only post twice a day. My account is one of the ones not working right — if you go to my aggregated feed page, you don’t see my latest entries. And I do know from talking to and/or reading entries from several people, this is not an isolated incident for just me.

    Thanks, Robots!

  13. gordsellar Says:

    I’ve no idea why, but access to AllConsuming dropped off in Korea last night (Korean time). I thought it was just my Uni’s server but a prof at another school reported that it was affecting his page loads of my page (since I had a feed in my sidebar served from the allconsuming site). Have you been blocked in Korea for some reason? If you discover anything about this, please do let me know, by email, since my access even to this site is spotty. Thanks!

  14. snowleopard10 Says:

    Unfortunately have to agree with Flirt - while some of my subscriptions seem to be working all right still (which misled me the other day into thinking the problem was fixed), a lot of them are still delayed by a few hours. This is impeding communication, as I don’t know what people are writing unless they directly reply to something I’ve written.

    Would be wonderful if the problem could be fixed. Thanks again to the Robots who do such a great job for us!

  15. Daniel Says:

    wrt subscriptions, you’ll still get delayed subscriptions behavior for the heaviest comment users. Josh’s “post”: explains it best. We do plan to fix this in the future. Thanks.

  16. Flirt Says:

    Daniel, I hate to disagree with you, but from what I can see (and others whom I’ve talked to) it is not necessarily the heaviest comment users that are delayed, it seems to be random. And it’s not only for people who subscribe to a lot of people either, as Josh (I think) suggested.

    The subscriptions were working just fine after you cut back on the aggregated feed page (except for an approximately 20-minute time-delayed loading of all subscriptions), until last week, when this several hour delay started on various people. This seems to be completely different from the previous problem, in that this time you can’t even go to the person’s aggregated feed and see their entries (we could before), because that is delayed also.


  17. Flirt Says:

    P.S. Here’s an example for you of someone who does not post often (her paws make typing difficult), and only has 20 subscriptions , yet her recent entries are not showing up on my subscription page nor her aggregated feed page.


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