Nightcap, Cupcake, Porter and life hacking

One thing we pretty much all love about the Robot Co-op is our office. We are on 12th and Pike on Seattle’s Capitol Hill and it is super awesome. But we might have to move if we can’t find new places to eat or learn ways out of the interminable arguments about where to eat lunch.

Yesterday saw a near collapse in lunch morale as the team fractured over where to go. The “solid core” stuck it out and went to Dick’s – but as it was a pay your own way affair, no one lost at Credit Card Roulette (CCR) and no one got the blog post assignment. That was fixed in the afternoon when we suckered Todd into playing CCR for beers – and duly lost. So here I blog the drinky talk.

We figured out our next two releases over beers: Nightcap & Cupcake (the latest ponies in our stable of releases). Nightcap will see us putting the finishing touches on all the work we’ve been doing on 43 Places. Over the last few months we’ve rolled out a new design to places, added events, check-ins, groups, and lots of new ways to report problems on the site. Now we are doing the last work on the “locals page”, creating new ways to recognize locals, and hopefully, clarifying what we think the site is for: connecting with locals in your city and around the world. We are going to constrain ourselves to 4 more weeks of work on that front.

As for Cupcake, we are just getting started with the ideas, but it will mark a return to 43 Things in a big way. We have lots of ideas for how to take the site to a new level of interactivity, community and self development.

It is fun to start new things – and satisfying to wrap up good work.

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