Image Changes Tonight

Tonight I’ll be changing the way images are stored on our sites around 11PM Pacific Time.

While I’m working on the images you may notice some missing images or image uploading not working for a few minutes.

Currently we store all our images on one disk, but it is close to being full (about 20 days of space remain). I’ll be switching to mogilefs for storing our images which allows us to distribute the disk usage across multiple servers.

UPDATE: It looks like I’ve got all the problems straightened out. There are a few images that aren’t yet in mogilefs but those will be found and imported over the next couple hours.

UPDATE: The image import crashed while trying to import the last of the missing profile images last night so a few of you may have missing profile images. I restarted the importer and its running through all ~800,000 images again.

Also, for those of you that have wrong profile images it will be very helpful if you give me a link to the image that is incorrect. To do this go to your profile images page. Mine is:

Then get the image address. It should be a URL like this:

Then I can go track down why the proper image isn’t showing.

UPDATE: I’ve fixed the random-image-fun, but some profile images might still be missing. The profile images import is about 3/8 done.

UPDATE: Consuming images are all fixed, random images seem to be all gone, but there’s a bunch of incorrect images that I’ll be flushing out starting now. Thanks for your patience!

37 Responses to “Image Changes Tonight”

  1. Des Says:

    Is the site down entirely or is it just me?

  2. Eric Hodel Says:

    Bob was tinkering with the DB. Not being a real DB, it didn’t go well, but he beat it back into shape.

  3. Des Says:

    Oooh, this is fun! The avatars are random now! Everytime I refresh, I have a different photo next to my name! :-D

  4. Sam MacCutchan Says:

    You sure it is fixed? My icon is not correct on the home page. Then when I click “Take me to my 17 things..” my icon is different, when I click the icon to go to the gallery it is different again.

    This also happens to people in my cheers/cheered list. Their small icons look ok but once you go to their lists the icons are completely different and when you click on the icons they are different yet again.

    Alson when you click on thumbnails in people’s galleries the full size images don’t match the thumbnails.

    Sorry if you already know about this or if there is a better place to post a bug report, I couldn’t find one.

    I love 43things so keep on keepin’ on! :)

  5. sallykitt Says:

    Yikes! All my pix are wrong. Just letting you know it’s still messed up at this point.

    Oh, the sense of loss.

    Thanks for all the work you do for this site all the time.


  6. Bo Says:

    Still kind of messed… looks like the indexing of the images is not exactly right… a couple (recent) images are good, older ones are not.

    Other than that… understand your pain… no pressure… and keep up the good work.

  7. ricstrina Says:

    Playing musical images is fun, but disconcerting…

    Hopefully the image of my hubby labeled “soulmate” will stop being a picture of someone’s car very soon!

  8. vex Says:

    Oooh, this is fun! All the images keep changing randomly! Check out this goal for some disconcerting image-mess side effects:

  9. [email protected] Says:

    My pictures on 43 Things are not mine and are all messed up! What are you doing to fix that?!

  10. Todd Schoonover Says:

    I thought it was just me, but now I see it’s everyone. Good thing I came out here to check.

  11. Daniel Spils Says:

    Eric was up late last night working on this — he should be up soon.

  12. Des Says:

    I’d be happy to give him a wake-up call! ;-)

  13. Deni Says:

    I’m seeing a photo I’d posted in one of my entries as my avatar, too…It’s not one of my gallery pictures. I’m also getting the random pictures. And a lot of pixellated pictures, too. Wow things’ve been interesting all this morning! :)

  14. leslie Says:

    It’s 11:20am CST, and while my photo showed up on my profile correctly on 43things, someone else’s photo shows up on my 43people profile. In fact, all of my photos are either not me, including those I’d previously uploaded to my 43things profile, or are completely stretched and distorted. Oy!

  15. Emily White Says:

    and just like that… i was a busty blonde! it was so weird! haha


  16. Samantha Says:

    i’m slightly disturbed by the fuzzy naked man next to my name…

  17. sitio Says:

    The image displayed as my default is not my image and it is not the image displayed as my “default” when I’m on my photos page. The top 4 photos on that page are also not mine. The bottom 2 are.

    The caption on my default is correct and if you click on it, it changes to the right image (

    Clicking on any of the thumbnails shows the proper image, though the thumbnails that look correct actually display different images.

    In short, it looks like a thumbnail problem to me.

  18. Chuq Says:

    Stuff still seems to be screwy. I just hope that all the Hasselhoff pics don’t all come out at once.

    The preview looks right though.

  19. Daniel Says:

    We’re aware of the picture issue — Eric is working diligently on it as I type. In the meantime, enjoy the randomness of unrelated images!

  20. Daniel Says:

    Everything should work now. Sorry for the confusion.

  21. Chuq Says:

    That was so much fun! You guys should do this again for April Fools! haha

  22. Chuq Says:

    Oh yeah, And thanks for fixing it Robots.

  23. krosstar Says:

    Somehow when I leave comments now and all my previous comments now display my avatar in those comment entries as someone elses picture. It does this while logged in and logged out as well. My account can be found at and the image is from this person’s gallery

    This is an example

    Please help!!!

  24. sarana Says:

    Most pics are okay by now, I noticed pics in one post that don’t look okay in Firefox (they do look okay in Internet Explorer). It doesn’t really bother me, just wanted to let you know that they’re not all okay yet (in case you didn’t know):

    wrong pic:
    with a different wrong thumbnail

    And also, a strange triplet:
    with thumbnail
    and thumbnail on subscriptions page

  25. vex Says:

    The new pictures I try to upload don’t show properly.

  26. Des Says:

    Ugh. The random avatar thing is happening again!

  27. Frannie Girl Says:

    Good Morning,

    Just a quick FYI that while the major part of the problem seems fixed at the moment, there are still issues with mixed pics. I’m sure you already know… appears so by all the comments….but just in case.

    Thanks for all the hard work you’re putting in to try to fix it. We really do appreciate it.


  28. Frannie+Girl Says:

    PS~ here is a link to one of my recent pic uploads that isn’t being displayed as I posted it.

    Thanks again

  29. Daniel Says:

    I’m getting about 90% correct images and 10% random images. I’ll chat with Eric first thing today. Thanks, guys.

  30. Frannie+Girl Says:

    WHOA……….major upsurge for me here…..suddenly EVERYBODY’s pics even my own are going more haywire than yesterday…….

  31. lauren Says:

  32. Redjack Says:

    I was going to try and get the urls as you requested, but the pictures keep changing, even when I right click on them. I just wait it out.

  33. Kukkurovaca Says:

    Wow. I look pretty weird, on occasion. What really got me, though, was seeing one of my friend’s be-mohawked heads next to my *mother*’s username. That’s a scary combination.

  34. derek Says:

    Good Luck and thanks for the sites.

  35. Kelly Says:

    You think you’ve got problems - I looked at my profile photo and I was a man! That’s not right!!

  36. sweetnesses Says:

    i just posted to the following page: and the picture that came up was not mine. When I went to my gallery the picture I saw wasn’t there. I wasn’t able to get an address on the image, but she is not me!

  37. salamista Says:

    The images at AllConsuming are not right too. Because when I was looking at King Kong movie (this one - there was a man (probably user) instead of King Kong, and that might be a bit derogatory for somebody…

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