is a new site that contains some of the libraries and tools we use to make our sites go.

Just yesterday we released two libraries that help make our sites go so fast, memcache-client and cached_model!

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  1. Alan Says:

    Sweet! I’ve been catching up with the Ruby on Rails podcast, and was excited by the things Odeo were saying about your libraries. Off to check them out and start trying them out in our app…

    Thanks guys!

  2. Luigi Says:

    Do you guys provide your software for use on other sites? I think that your software would work well with an idea that I have for a site.


  3. Eric Hodel Says:

    The software we provide for use on other sites is what’s on “”: We haven’t made any plans to release the code behind 43 Things yet.

  4. Michael Granger Says:

    Would you care to elaborate on what in particular you found deficient in Ruby-MemCache that you needed to rewrite it? Too slow? Too complex? Author is an unresponsive jerk that doesn’t integrate patches?

  5. Eric+Hodel Says:

    I think it was a combination of too slow and too complex. I’ll try to get Bob to comment more specifically.

  6. [email protected] Says:

    Are you going to look at support issues on your rubyforge project page?

    Or is there a support/questions/something email address or mailing list?

    Thanks much

  7. roger Says:

    Hrm. seems down??

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