Web services for 43 Things, 43 Places, and 43 People

Did you know that we have pretty extensive web services for most of our sites? We’ve been slowly adding to them over the last several months, so maybe it’s time to take another look. Learn all about them here:

1) 43 Things web services
2) 43 Places web services
3) 43 People web services

They all use the same architecture so you can use the same API key for all three services. All Consuming’s will be coming up shortly.

We’d love to hear about any new applications you build with these. We’re beginning to use them ourselves to prototype new sites.

Sample uses

By using the authenticate methods you can use the services to log people into your site with their 43 Things username and password.

If you’re not happy with the many javascript includes and RSS feeds that we offer to allow you to display goals, places, people, and products on your website, use the web services to develop your own wild blog integration.

Integrate stuff with iCal, mash them up with other wacky websites, graph your social network, build plugins for various blog systems, or…

Why not do something completely crazy and unexpected?

Bonus tip

Many of our methods that involve getting a person’s information will allow you to pass either a Flickr username instead of a 43 Things username. Check the documentation for more info. This could potentially make it easier to create a Flickr/43 Things mashup. Just sayin’.

8 Responses to “Web services for 43 Things, 43 Places, and 43 People”

  1. ContraryGoddess Says:

    I’m very sorry really, but I’m lost. I have/had an account and was enjoying it, have it linked to my blog (consuming), and then tried to log on and couldn’t, then tried to reset my password and when I did that it said I had not consumed anything, then I probably made a mistake and said delete, but the links are still showing up on my blog . . . and I still haven’t been able to log on and I’ve been trying for several days (only “deleted” today) and I’m lost. Can you help?

  2. Josh+Petersen Says:

    Looks like your profile page on All Consuming is right here: http://www.allconsuming.net/person/contrarygoddess so it doesn’t look like you deleted your account. All you need to do is log in. Did the password reset send you a new password?

    We’ll be back in the office on Monday and can try and help you out. Have a great weekend.

  3. ContraryGoddess Says:

    yes, but when I logged in with that, it showed an empty profile. And then when I tried to re-set the password again, it said it had no such e-mail address. I’ll go now and try again though. Don’t mean to be trouble and thanks — I really like being able to easily have that stuff on my blog and appreciate you for making it so.

  4. v Says:

    Any sign of the “people doing same things” page coming back? Or at least the RSS feed? Pretty please?

  5. null Says:

    WWW Robot

  6. Sachin Says:

    I’ve been trying to play around with the APIs but either I can’t get it to work the way I want or there is something missing. Firstly, how do you make search_cities to search for a specific city (for e.g. I want to search on London in United Kingdom, but I don’t see how to do an AND search across city, region & country, is there any way to do it? Also, get_city’s documentation said that it also returns top goals for that city, I tried it with the e.g. that was given (for city_id 1) but never got any goals back, tried it for few more cities w.o. luck either! Long story short, is there any way to get “n” goals for a particulary city w.o. having to loop through all the cities returned by city search?

  7. alison_duh Says:

    how can i log in with my flickr account name?

  8. kellan Says:

    Are the Allconsuming APIs coming back in one form or another?

    (though in truth what I’m looking for is how to build the “Add to Allconsuming” bookmarklet)

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