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139 people want to Help test the next new thing from The Robot Co-op

cheers for the latest edition, an entry by


i’m a fan of the changes in the most recent edition of 43people. the new look/organization is very attractive, and i’m really glad it no longer shows how many people want to meet each person on their page. the whole thing seems much more friendly.

and 43people activity shows up in subscriptions. excellent. it might be cool to be able to subscribe to entries written about your subscribees, too. possible?

there’s still some problems with broken photos, but i’m sure the robots already know that.

oh, also: i just noticed an inconsistency (maybe). when you view the whole list of people met by one person (… it lists the number of people on each of their lists, rather than their locations. but this particular page looks kind of unfinished, so maybe this is premature feedback.

anyway, 43people is clearly a job in the process of being well-done.

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4 Responses to Garland cheers us on

  1. Hey I’m the first to comment!
    Does that mean I get to be the first to try out the new site?

  2. Robot Co-op,

    I am extremely interested in talking to one or many of you about an idea for a website that I have been working on for almost a year. I haven’t even started the website, because I personally am inept at programming. The site is potentially very complex, and I suspect that this might be a project that you could help me with. Email me, someone.

  3. Why can’t I post comments on all 9 spiritual explorer sites? Only Lanara’s seems to work.

  4. hey guys, fyi about 43 People. A 43T friend and I are carrying on a conversation right now in 43Peeps, and whenever she posts a comment to me, it gets sent to my email twice. The first one says she is responding to my comment where I said “blah”, and it will be the actual comment she is commented to… and then the second will say she is responding to my comment where I said “blah, but this time it is the parent post.

    Again, you probably know about this, but thought I would give you a headsup.

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