Postcards arrive at the Co-op!

The mail a postcard to The Robots from one of my 43 Places goal went up a couple weeks ago and we’ve already received 4 postcards from users. So far 6 people want to do this, but we’re hoping to get more 43 Places users to start sending postcards in from around the world so we can plaster our white walls.

Our first postcard writers:

3 Responses to “Postcards arrive at the Co-op!”

  1. Des Says:

    Suggestion: First hang up pieces of posterboard on the wall, then tape the postcards to the posterboard. It will be easier to move them if you ever have to change offices, or what-have-you. :)

  2. Pablo Viojo Says:

    Can you give some information about where should I send the postcard?

  3. [email protected] Says:

    I did not know where to write so I went here. I place an order for a 43things t-shirt on November 10th and it has not arrived yet? Can you please help?


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