Here comes Gusty

Have we mentioned Gusty?

As you may know, all the releases at the Robot Co-op are named after My Little Ponies. When we work on a new release, we always leave a few great features behind. It’s part of the wisdom we learned from DHH: “Instead of launching a half-assed product, just launch half the product”.

Almost 30 days ago we pushed out 43 Places, and to get it out the door we left behind more than 20 great features. Starting last week and continuing through today, we’ve been adding back some of the features we left behind.

So let me tell you about Gusty! One of our favorite new feature we call “tag browsing”. Looking for a good breakfast place in San Francisco or a seafood place in Seattle? Maybe you are more particular. Perhaps you just want Seattle Japanese seafood. You have entered the realm of multi-faceted tag surfing.

Here’s another: have you wondered about what some of the places you love look like from outerspace? Here’s the Piazza San Marco in Venezia, Il Colosseo (The Coloseum) in Roma, and the Washington Monument in Washington, DC. Want to help put more places on the map? Scroll down to the bottom of any page and click the “Help locate this place” link. I’m glad we’ve got that Google Dev team working for us.

Here’s a shot of the task cards we’ve been working on over the last few weeks. We’ll fill you in on a few more of the new features over the next few days.

4 Responses to “Here comes Gusty”

  1. Tiara Says:

    Yay more features!

    I really liked the “would go again” option. Perhaps that could be incorporated into 43 Things as well?

    These are great ideas. Keep them coming! :)

  2. DJ Mac Says:

    No, I must confess that I did not notice that each release is name after My Little Ponies. Maybe I need to learn the My Little Ponies’ names first, but I understan the “list”: is considerable.

    Great work, guys! Thanks.


  3. Frankie Roberto Says:

    Hey, good work on releasing more features. Features is definately what we want. Keep ‘em coming…

  4. KitsuneKun Says:

    Must…enhance…image… find out whats coming… :)

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