Next stop, 43 Places.

We’ve been hard at work on our next release (codenamed “Tootietails”) and we are really grateful to everyone who has helped us out with some early testing.

So by way of introduction, the next new thing from the Robot Co-op is a little site we call 43 Places. It’s a way to share stories about great places in your city and around the world. We hope it wil become the same sort of fun that 43 Things has become for tens of thousands of users.

None of projects are ever “done” – they just hit milestones. The first milestone for 43 Places is coming up, as we get ready to release it to the public. We’ve had to leave at least half the good ideas behind in order to get this first half out the door. So getting this site “launched” this week is just a first milestone on a great adventure. One of the really satisfying parts of building sites like 43 Things and 43 Places is that we get to build them together, with you and with the help of great talented people. Like the team at Mule Design who’ve been helping us with this release.

We’ll try and share a bit more about the site over the next few days for those of you who wondering about it. If you’ve got questions, ask away in the comments and if you want an invite – add this goal to your list.

6 Responses to “Next stop, 43 Places.”

  1. Adam Michela Says:

    Nice work guys. Looking forward to seeing how things play out!

  2. London Dan Says:

    Congratulations guys, this is a great site and so much fun to explore.

  3. ravenbrk Says:

    next up???<br />
    ravenbrk is going <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>43 places</a><br />
    and doing <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>43 things</a> while listening to _<ins>43 songs</ins>_.

  4. Russell Says:


  5. Patrick Haney Says:

    Well there goes all of my free time! I’ve been completely addicted to the site for 2 days now. Thanks (and curses!) for such a great web application.

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    [...] statues, anything of interest) for every neighborhood and city. Thanks to the Robots at Forty Three Places, you can see that Paseo is the best reason to live in Fremont. My recommendation: live two miles [...]

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