New Features Just Launched: Cheers, Cities, Help, and more!

Hello Quackers! The latest version of 43 Things is now live.

Cheer This Goal!
Cheers allows you to support people and their goals by cheering them on. Click the “Cheer this goal” link next to goal on the profile pages of people you admire. We only give you a handful of cheers a day, so spend them wisely.

Cities adds a new regional dimension to the site. You can now see popular goals by city. At launch these are the top 3 goals in a sampling of cities:


  1. Discover secret coves of wholesome fun in Seattle.
  2. eat at every restaurant on 1st and 2nd between Bell and Pike
  3. find 43 bugs in 43 things


  1. Buy a Golf GTi
  2. create an online cv website
  3. take up archery.


  1. travel to argentina
  2. be more sincere
  3. visit Seattle


  1. drop acid
  2. Help Boris refurbish his old boat
  3. rock out with renewed authority


  1. get all montreal podcasters together for a beer
  2. Rédiger et déposer ma thèse de maîtrise en communication
  3. travel the world, discover new landscapes and meet people

Find your city here and add it to your account to start influencing your city’s list.

I Want To Help Others Do This!
Select the “help others” option when completing a goal and you’ll become a resource for those in need. Stuck on the progress of a goal or just looking for a little advice? You can now submit a plea for help that gets sent directly to the people who are interested in helping.

A few of the smaller new features include…

  • Today’s most popular goals
  • WordPress support for posting to your blog
  • Javascript include of your goals that you can put on your website
  • More accurate search
  • Number of people doing a goal now includes people who haven’t yet published their lists
  • Lots of new zeitgeist pages including “Popular completed goals,” “Entries by people doing the same things as you,” and “How other people are tagging goals that you have”

Not to mention 73 other little bug fixes and performance tweaks…

As always, we love hearing your comments, suggestions and bug reports. Drop us a line.

4 Responses to “New Features Just Launched: Cheers, Cities, Help, and more!”

  1. zenspider Says:

    YAY! I started one of the top 3 things in Seattle. :)

  2. Daniel Spils Says:

    Which one?

  3. Clarrie Says:

    how do I ask for help with a goal? I can’t work it out at all :-(

  4. Daniel Spils Says:

    When you click on your goal, you’ll arrive at the goal page. On the right hand side you’ll see if people have completed this goal. If anyone is willing to help it will say something like, “2 out of 2 people (100%) think this is worth doing. 1 person is willing to help.”. <br />
    <br />
    Click on “1 person is willing to help”. There you can ask a question of the helper. Hope this helps.

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