Help is on the way!

Want to Learn Ruby? 98% of people that have completed this goal think it’s worth doing. More importantly, lots of them are willing to help.

When Quackers releases, if you have the goal to Learn Ruby you will be able to post a “plea for help” – basically ask a question of folks who’ve “done this” and get answers back from the community of people who have met this goal.

The stats help you see which goals people think are worth doing and which are not. Some examples?

  • Interested in corrective eye surgery or lasik? 21 out of 22 people (95%) think this is worth doing. Got a question? Post a plea! Now you’re seeing clearly.
  • How about get married? Well only 89% of folks who’ve done it think this is worth doing. Careful, Valentine!
  • Thinking about checking out SXSW Interactive? 88 people want to go and 84% of the people who have gone before think that it is worth doing. Would you do better at Emerging Tech? 41 people want to go and 100% of the people who have gone in the past think it was worth doing.

We are polishing up the last bits – it should be online by the end of the week.

2 Responses to “Help is on the way!”

  1. Clément Laberge Says:

    I want to see that. <br />
    I want to see that.<br />
    I want to see that!<br />
    <br />
    You know i’m working with the idea of an “educating city” for a couple of year in Quebec city. I think we could offer you an ideal benchmark for a couple of ideas in the next few months.<br />
    <br />
    So I can find people to translate Quaker anytime. As soon as you will be ready.

  2. Steve Kingsley Says:

    Great titles in “Who We Are!”

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