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Introducing Hugster · 3 December 04

OK, technically speaking, Hugster isn’t a pony, like Twinkler or Snuzzle. Hugster is a Bushwoolie, the strange furry companions of My Little Ponies. 

They appeared in My Little Pony: The Movie and in various television specials.  In Year 5, they became figurines, sold with the Princess Ponies. You can read more about them if you are so inclined.

But as far as the Robot Co-op is concerned, Snuzzle was our prototype for 43 Things, Twinkler our teaser, and Hugster is the release candidate which we’ll launch as 43 Things. So far, we been inviting 3 or 4 people each day to try out Hugster and give us some feedback. This coming week, we want to ramp that up to 43 people a day. So we need you to sign up to test it out!

We’ll also be revealing a bit more over the next few weeks about what it is we are hoping to do and showing some screenshots to share with you. Here’s the first - it is a the sign-on screen to the Beta - and we’ll even link to it today. If you’ve been invited into Hugster, you’ll see this page when you respond to the invitation. If you haven’t been invited yet, click on the image below, scroll down and enter your email address to be an early adopter. We’ll confirm your email address and add you to the pool of potential invitees.

Thanks for your interest in doing 43 Things.

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  1. got this when i tried to submit my email adrs (43things at stevesanderson.com) at http://hugster.43things.com/auth/

    Application error (Apache)

    Change this error message for exceptions thrown outside of an action (like in Dispatcher setups or broken Ruby code) in public/500.html
    Steve Sanderson    Dec 4, 7:30am    #
  2. Works for me now.
    awu    Dec 4, 3:50pm    #
  3. My email response said I already have an account. Now this could have happened after an evening of drinking, but I don’t ever recall getting a username and a password from you guys. Could you confirm? Oh and tell Todd to email me!
    Dave Weasel Erb    Dec 5, 3:50am    #
  4. the faq on huckster gives me a blank page.
    Prakash S    Dec 6, 3:06am    #
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