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Kinsey, Savage & 43 Naughty Things · 1 December 04

Walking to lunch at Ballet with my fellow Robots, I was recounting the film Kinsey which I had seen over the weekend. Prior to Dr. Kinsey, no one had taken a truly scientific approach to profiling human sexuality—Kinsey managed to cast a wide survey net with his now infamous human sexual behavior studies.

As fate would play out Seattle’s own love doctor, Dan Savage, was dining at the table north of the Robots as the conversation turned to 43 Things and Twinkler. We let Dan eat his pho in peace, but couldn’t help but draw the correlation of events: Kinsey’s landmark sex studies, Dan Savage’s hilarious sex column and the fact that in its first two weeks 43 Things had experienced a 9% goal adoption rate for the sexy and downright mature.

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  1. Something that the movie neglects to bring up is that Kinsey was a pedophile.
    foo    Dec 2, 6:36pm    #

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