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Recombinant idea folding: your ideas are our ideas · 22 November 04

Joe Goldberg has created a fantastic list of his top desired features for 43things

Joe’s list of features is split into 5 handy categories:

  1. Community
  2. Personalization
  3. Notification (RSS, email)
  4. Productivity
  5. Zeitgeist/Superlatives

We’re hard at work on the next version of 43things but continue to marvel over what Ryan Singer of 37signals calls the goal soup of Twinkler. Help us make 43things better—tell us what features you’d like to see on 43things in the coming weeks.

Joe Goldberg, Web Developer and Live Journal user:

Posted by Daniel Spils | Thoughts |

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  1. I think Joe’s list of features is too overwhelming.

    Two of the things that I like about 43 Things: it’s anonymous, unless you choose to share your list; and the goals are not necessarily task-oriented (i.e. you can’t really check off that you’ve finished “procrastinate less” ).

    So Joe’s ideas of checking off that you’ve completed your goals and ranking the busiest/most productive listers is a turn-off.

    That said, I would love to be able to peek at other people’s lists (friends or strangers). I could just type in a random list number and see what comes up, but a user profile would give some context.

    I would also like to see the stats. How many lists in total and the ranking of goals would be a good start.
    Kristen McQuillin    Nov 22, 5:30pm    #
  2. Joe’s list covers a lot of ground … and I agree that we won’t likely see all of it on 43things. As we move forward we’ll see some of the things you don’t favor (checking off as done, become less anonymous) along with things you desire (peeking at other people’s lists, user profiles, etc.).

    But don’t worry, Twinkler or “goal soup” will always be a big part of 43things. Thanks, Kristen.
    Daniel Spils    Nov 22, 6:16pm    #
  3. It’d be really cool to be able to comment on the “goals/dreams” eg “have a three-some” isn’t really very specific, and some people might like to clarify that, or add, or subtract bits (have a two-some?)
    maybe you could have a family tree of “goals/dreams” so that I could say that my desire to be an ace mackeral fisherperson was inspired by someone elses desire to become a fishmonger …

    you see what I mean?
    lynn    Nov 23, 1:59am    #
  4. also,
    it’d be really good if you could make a list of things that you really like or think are funny, but don’t particularly want to do, like:

    Run a stall that sells platypus replicas made from bent twigs

    I guess I could save that as a link on del.icio.us but I’d really like to have some sort of way of having that kind of sublist here.
    lynn    Nov 23, 2:09am    #
  5. i’ve got mine too… resultado:43×1 :-)
    ssmmmllrrr    Nov 23, 2:55am    #
  6. Lynn—
    I think you’re looking for a wishlist or an ebay “watch this item” feature. Yeah? Could be cool.
    Daniel Spils    Nov 23, 9:58am    #
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