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Scheduled Downtime Saturday Night

Just wanted to let y’all know that we’re scheduling some downtime on Saturday night around 23:00 (Pacific time). We’ll take 43 Things down for about an hour, so we can perform a code upgrade. When it’s back up, some of the slower pages around the site should see a performance boost!

Introducing, our new water cooler (and the fabulous Kathy Mar)

She did it. In her first week on the job, Kathy Mar, our newest Robot brought cool, fresh water back to our office. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s already made about a bazillion lists on 43Places.

Introducing Kathy & our new water cooler!Kathy’s been a user of 43Things since December 16, 2004, making her one of the first 300 users. We are still working out her title, but “Captain Obvious” is in the lead. She brings a practical approach to the Co-op that is already getting us to rethink some of the 6 year old ruts we’ve created for ourselves.

Kathy is a lifelong Capitol Hill native. She’s a graduate of Steven’s Elementary, Meany Middle School, Garfield High School, and Columbia University. She’s an accomplished internet veteran. Kathy’s worked at Microsoft, Real Networks, Disney and multiple mobile companies.

Hiring Kathy brings the Robot Co-op back up to fighting strength. We are now 6 Robots. She also adds the 10th dependent (Joe and Venessa are about to bring it to 11).

43 Places and 43 Things login

Just a short note because most of you will (hopefully) not notice anything different. If you use both 43 Things and 43 Places, you have been logging in to both with your 43 Things account. We’re splitting them apart, so now you have separate 43 Things and 43 Places accounts. All existing users have had their usernames and passwords copied over, so you have the same urls, same usernames, and same passwords as before.

If you’re having trouble logging in, I apologize for any bugs, and please contact us so we can get things sorted out.

If you’re curious about our reasons for doing this, it’s mostly to reduce confusion (with things like logging in with facebook, closing accounts, etc) as we develop the two sites in different directions. If you haven’t had a look at 43 Places in a while, go take a look.

And we’re back

Someone forgot to pay the bills around here so our WordPress domain mapping quietly expired yesterday. Sorry if you were unable to get to our blog. Everything should be back to normal now.

How to get all your stories from 43 People

Thank you to everyone for the feedback on 43 People. We whipped up a page that will show you all the stories by and about you, including all the comments for each story.

You can get to this page at the bottom of your profile page, by clicking “see all stories.” From there, you can save the HTML file, or copy/paste the content of individual stories to 43 Things, etc.

For instance, the URL for my page is:

Note that this page can be very big, so it may take a while to load. We’ve tested it on some of our most prolific users and we don’t think there are any issues, but please let us know if you find any.  We’ll give everyone plenty of time to get your stories archived before we shut down 43 People.

Robot Co-op Diet Update

Last summer, we started a team “diet”. Our objective was to be a sleeker and swifter Co-op, with faster and more responsive web sites. We’ve spent the past year focusing on site speed, and doubling-down on the sites we felt were most reflective of our goals.

In order to stay on the wagon, we shut down Should Do This last year. Running fewer websites frees up space in our brains and allows us to pay more attention to sites that people care about. In this spirit, we plan to shut down, sometime in the near future.

43people was our third site, which helped you answer the question “Who do you want to meet?” But it seems like most of you are using 43things to track who you want to meet just fine. Also, the most popular and innovative feature on 43people was subscriptions, which we’ve since ported over to 43things.

We had a fun time building the site and want to thank everyone who used it. Once it’s down, we’ll be able to focus our attention even more on our four remaining sites.

Update: Here’s how to get all your stories and comments off of 43 People

Scheduled Maintenance Sat night (hopefully no downtime)

Happy almost-Spring! Just a heads up that our web host is doing some scheduled maintenance on Saturday night, from 10:00PM to 2:00AM Sunday morning (Pacific Time). We’re told that the maintenance won’t include downtime, but you know how these things go.