Scheduled Downtime Saturday Night

Just wanted to let y’all know that we’re scheduling some downtime on Saturday night around 23:00 (Pacific time). We’ll take 43 Things down for about an hour, so we can perform a code upgrade. When it’s back up, some of the slower pages around the site should see a performance boost!

6 responses to “Scheduled Downtime Saturday Night

  1. hi!
    I just logged on to Lists of Bests, and about 10 of my lists have disappeared. Have you removed some stuff as well?

    • We did some cleanup, removing lists that belonged to users who have deleted their accounts (they should have been broken links anyway). Did any active lists get removed by accident?

  2. hi, thanks for your quick answer! None of my own lists are gone, but I was working on these ones:

    Is there any way they can be resurrected?
    Thanks for doing a purge, by the way. It’s always good. =)

    • Hi Katie,

      Sorry that we removed some lists you’re working on. There’s currently no way to bring them back but we can look into it.


  3. Thanks for the heads up about the scheduled downtime. I know Vex and I were both surprised when we tried to use the site during the last unannounced scheduled downtime.

  4. Thanks for this announcement. Now I won’t panic if I can’t get to 43T. :)

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