Kayaks Suck

Today we picked up pork sandwiches and corn on the cob from Paseo then headed down to the water to eat. We discussed the merits of canoes versus kayaks, and I maintain that a canoe is superior.

On the way to and from lunch we armchair navigated through the twisty maze of streets just East of the North end of the University Bridge.

Oh, I also let an eleven month old pug chew on my hand while attempting to photograph him. You’d get one of these super-cute pictures, but I left my camera’s USB cable at home after uploading pictures from the injury-free rollover in my neighborhood last night.

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5 Responses to Kayaks Suck

  1. I have viewing access to a super-cute pug 24/7 - so there!

  2. canoes rock!

    they carry more gear, more beer, more dogs, and can roll 2

    they surf, they go slow, they go fast,

    and leave your vertebrate in one piece,

    with a flip,

    and cut a cow in half… xo-jk

  3. I like kayaks!!! Granted, I’ve only ridden in a two person canoe. I can now assuredly say, after comparing a single-person kayak to a 2-person kayak, that I sincerely prefer the 1 person version. Maybe the same would hold true for canoes… I don’t know! :)

  4. Turning a two-person canoe into a one-person canoe is easy. Just need to turn it around and sit “backwards” in the “front” seat.

  5. Yes, kayaks definitely are inferior to canoes, the primary reason being kayaks are non-functional pieces of shit. You can’t pack anything into most kayaks. You can’t fish out of them easily. You can’t even turn yourself around in the fucking thing. Canoes are great for fishing out of, great for doing multi-day excursions with, unlike shitty kayaks. I hate kayaks. Further: kayaks have become a modern-day yuppie gimmick for eco tourism. “Let’s go kayaking in English Bay!” Waaaaaa what a pathetic pile of shit activity….surrounded by business yuppies paddling around Vancouver on their weekend. Blech. I hate kayaks.

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