43 Things at 500,000

Hodel lost the lunch gamble and purchased Korean food for us yesterday. We explored how dual-government taxation works when a U.S. citizen is working overseas for an extended period, as Bob will be doing when he skirts off to Scotland. We dreamed of a world in which everyone who wants one can have a network-hosted music collection. We covered the latest developments in Rails. We also celebrated our half millionth 43 Things user, who created his account on Tuesday to notify the world that he endeavors to watch every single episode of Law & Order. To which we can only respond a) to each their own and b) best of luck.

Without gambling a penny on advertising, we are halfway to Leroy’s folks.

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2 Responses to 43 Things at 500,000

  1. I hope I see at least one of you guys with goldfish swimming in the soles of your fly guy platforms.

  2. I think there is a not-so-subtle distinction to made between old school threads (as Lee’s comment and Todd’s picture hint at) and new school slick (the type of gear that Leroy’s sells). There will be no platforms, feathers or goldfish when Erik and I are done being suited by Leroy. It’ll be the latest in urban wear — and I can hardly wait.

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