We're looking for an exceptional Sys Admin

Posted by Daniel Spils Tue, 10 Oct 2006 18:59:00 GMT

The time has come for us to hire a dedicated system administrator. We’re looking for a great person who is passionate about the sys admin role and is willing to make it up and make it happen. Here’s the official job description ...

The Robot Co-op is looking for a passionate sys admin w/ experience managing open-source clusters & Rails. Our software includes: FreeBSD, MySQL, Apache, Rails, MemCache and MogileFS. We run our 5 sites on a 6-machine cluster. You must be comfortable setting up new servers, optimize existing servers and be able to perform server surveillance, monitoring and maintenance. We need you to keep us clear of system issues, performance crunches, & daily hiccups.

To apply email [email protected]


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