What is great about 43 Places? 1

Posted by joshp Thu, 06 Jul 2006 18:41:00 GMT

Here’s an entry I ran across on 43 Places that is actually something of a review of 43places.com - and in it, I found some insight into what sort of place we’ve all been building together.

43 Places Entry of the Day

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Chronocide, an entry by cranberrygoddess:

1. bragging to people about where you have been
2. thinking of cool places to go
3. reminiscing over old travel stories
4. working out for yourself what’s good about where you live
5. killing time at work
6. being cheered by random people for no good reason
7. the irony of place like this
8. feeling superior to travellers who dont’ see the real ‘[insert place here]’
9. finding out where you should have gone but missed
10. discovering that you are not alone in this stupidity


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  1. the one and only Fri, 07 Jul 2006 00:46:47 GMT

    Whoa how cool!, the first time i look at this website and i’m the first thing on it. My ego tells me to come here more often :P And I must say that while reason number 5 has been prominent of late, it’s the other 9 reasons that keep it interesting and worth killing time on.