Posted by joshp Thu, 30 Mar 2006 21:34:00 GMT

43 Things Entry of the Day

24 people want to Find 10 people in 15 cities who are passionate about their city and want to help with a new project for 43 Places

Looking for locals, an entry by Josh Petersen:

We are starting work on a new version of 43 Places - codenamed “Wingsong” - and this release is all about “locals”. We are still in the early stages of developing our vision for this release, but it would be great to hear from some passionate locals who have some ideas about how to make 43 Places more fun and useful. Our top cities in terms of users are Seattle, New York City, London, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, Boston, Austin, Vancouver, Atlanta, Portland, Houston, and Sydney - but who knows if those are the cities with the most passionate users?

If you are interested in helping us develop the new version of the site, adopt this goal and add an entry with your city as the title. If you see your city listed already, add a comment to that entry. When we have a city with 10 people who are game - we’ll get in touch about getting your help with “Wingsong”.

Thanks Locals!


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