Snow Day

The snow is coming down at the Robot Co-op headquarters in Seattle, and most of the robots are all bundled up in the office, enjoying the view of snow falling on autumn leaves and people trying to drive up the hill.

But one of us is missing out on all the fun:

Poor Josh is stuck in Hawaii!

What’s on your snow day list? Do you want to learn to snowboard? learn to ski? kiss in the snow? build a snowman? have a snowball fight?

Or does the thought of snow inspire you to move to a tropical island?

3 responses to “Snow Day

  1. I’m so jealous that you have snow that has stuck already. We’ve had snow a few times now but it hasn’t even turned the ground white. When I turned 30, I taught myself how to snowboard. I’d previously broken my leg while skiing in college. I’ve kissed in snow, made snowmen and snowwomen, and had snowball fights. My favorite thing to do though is to build a snow fort with tunnels and hidden rooms. We haven’t had enough snow to do that in about a decade.

    I visited Hawaii earlier this year and marked off Visit all 50 states since this was my last State to visit. I celebrated by running the Hilo Marathon. While I was there, I also tried balut like on Survivor. I wonder if Robot Josh will be as adventurous while there.

    For the record, I love snow and the winter so much more than the heat and summer, so Seattle over Hawaii for me anyday.

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