Exciting updates to 43 Places

Yesterday we launched a pretty major release to 43 Places. This post will run down the improvements, and what they mean to you.

Jumpstart for new users

Jumpstart is a feature for new users that helps them dive into 43 Places and easily build their travel list. When a new user comes to the home page, they’ll see a fun display of all continents on Earth. From there they can select which continents they’ve visited, then which countries on those continents. After they’ve finished they can save their info by creating an account (with Facebook, if they want), and share their travel list with friends.

New Q&A

One of our main goals on 43 Places is to connect travelers (and armchair travelers) to people knowledgeable about every corner of the globe, and to give travel enthusiasts a forum to catalog their travel experience. One of the ways people can do that on 43 Places is by asking and answering travel questions.

We revamped the Q&A section of the site, making it easier to target your questions to people knowledgable about a particular region, and for travel enthusiasts to see which questions have been asked about areas they’re familiar with.

Give it a try, I think you’ll be surprised with what you can learn!

Sign in with Facebook

You can now use your Facebook account to sign in to 43 Places, or create a new 43 Places account. If you already have a 43 Places account, you can still use Facebook to sign in, or just sign in with your 43 Places username and password like before. It’s up to you!

Above, you can see the “Login with Facebook” button at the top of every page, and the login popup that now contians the option to login with Facebook instead of your username and password.

List reorder

You can now reorder the items on your travel lists. Just look for the little “reorder” icon to the right of each place name. It’s not available on every list, we’re working on that.

(PS: Have you tried making a travel list yet? It’s fun and easy.)

Bug fixes, etc.
A number of bug fixes went into this release. If there was something bothering you about the site, take a look and see if it’s been fixed. Many of the bugs were spotted by our users, so if you see anything strange on the site, please let us know!

3 Responses to Exciting updates to 43 Places

  1. Why did you take wanderlust off the main page?

    That’s actually my bookmark for the site, it’s the most fun page to check out who’s been doing what.

    • Hey Dan, we miss it too. We’re working on a small redesign that will incorporate some of the fun stats from Wanderlust and some new stuff too.

  2. I would love to see possibly compatibility with the blog posts with tumblr. I would think they would love some new affiliates.

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