Experience coma

My mind is a bit of a jumble after being tossed around in whirlpools, waves, and the San Francisco social scene for the last 16 days. I feel like I’ve been dunked and am just now able to take my first whole breaths. Our lunch conversation at Ballet today seemed to be similarly swirly and lightheaded as everyone was either newly returned from adventures or planning new adventures in the near future. This is one of the signs that this company is working… we’re all gaining momentum in some way or another towards something weird and unknown.

It’s going to take me another day or two to confabulate all of my recent experiences and conversations into something entry-worthy, so for now I’m just going to drop various tasty morsels into this blog entry box and see how they get digested over time.

In the short braindump session, we talked about everything from Eric Hodel rescuing dead cats (do you have a picture, Hodel?), to Todd and Bob ’s scuba diving, to Daniel and his highschool reunion, to my own SF Rock Paper Scissors tournament and river kayaking, to Todd’s Landmark Forum experience, to Bob’s migration to Scotland, and Josh’s yearly escape to Manzanita.

I need a chaser.

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