Minor downtime Thursday

On Thursday around 6:00 PM PST our hosting provider is upgrading our firewall, so we’ll experience about 10 minutes of downtime.


We’re up and running now. We might have a spot of downtime again tonight for some database tweaking, all in search of making the site faster.


Bob tweaked the database, so things should get much zippier now.

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3 Responses to Minor downtime Thursday

  1. http://www.domeafavorbuddy.com/beta

    First hee hee
    I love the site keep up the good work.

  2. didn’t know where to leave this message. Can’t get my email to be confirmed in 43 things. I keep clicking/loggin off and on. Anybody help.

  3. I tried to add a new place in my 43places to go. but failed. how to do this? ur site said “oops it didn’t work…..”

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