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Let's start with the name · 16 November 04

It’s flattering to get so many inquiries about what we are up to, and we are excited that you are excited. But really, if this turns out to be a neat idea, it’s going to be because you make it neat. So dial your anticipation down, as we start to pull back the curtains back a bit.

Here’s the first revelation: the product we are building is called 43 Things.

What does it do? Well we will get to that, but we’d love to hear your ideas for what you think it should do. What are your hopes for 43 Things?

Later in the week (when there are 43 days left in the year) we’ll start inviting people to check out a little pre-alpha demo version of an experiment (are there enough qualifications in that description?) which will give us a better idea of how to “finish up” the product. After that, we’ll have an invite only trial of the site. We are looking forward to seeing how people use 43 Things, but mostly, we are hoping you’ll share your thoughts for how our idea could grow.

If you want to be on our announcements list, enter your email in that form box to the right. Thanks.

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  1. Is it something to do with “Getting things done”??
    Ben    Nov 16, 5:35pm    #
  2. Right, cause there’s this other site called 43 Folders... just sayin.
    Andrew    Nov 16, 7:12pm    #
  3. It is an interesting coincidence, but the whois will tell you who was -

    Domain Name: 43THINGS.COM
    Created on: 06-Apr-2004

    Domain Name: 43FOLDERS.COM
    Created on: 31-Aug-04

    The two sites won’t be at all similar, and I’d never picked up on the significance of 43 to Dave Allen until 43 Folders debuted, but perhaps it is a subliminal message as Erik and I talked a lot about Getting Things Done as we were cooking this up.
    Josh Petersen    Nov 16, 8:04pm    #
  4. “What are your hopes for 43 Things?”

    1. Another social-network that provides another means of sharing your personal life with people you don’t know.
    - deli.cio.us - flickr.com - 43things.com

    2. A new dating site where it’s based on 43 attributes

    3. Another site that creates its own community, thus segregating the web yet again (let’s look into making a service that you can allow other sites to plug into.)
    robotbuddy    Nov 18, 5:23am    #
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