ar_mailer allows you to queue ActionMailer emails in the database for later sending with a separate process. This speeds up the sending of many emails (hundreds) inside an action.

ar_mailer easily drops in to your existing code with minimal changes. Create a migration, a model and change one line of your emailer file.

Gem name
Download /frs /?group_id=1266&release;_id=6432

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Logmerge contains two utilities logmerge and ip2name. logmerge merges Apache access logs into one log ordered by date. ip2name performs DNS lookups on Apache access logs using multiple threads and Ruby's DNS resolver library to speed through log files.

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Download /frs /?group_id=1266&release;_id=4060

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Rails Analyzer

Rails Analyzer contains three separate packages:

Production Log Analyzer

The Production Log Analyzer examines Rails log files and gives a report showing you the worst speed offendors. It also includes action_grep which will give you all log results for a particular action.

Gem name
Download /frs /?group_id=586&release;_id=3421

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Action Profiler

The Action Profiler lets you handily profile Rails actions to determine points of optimization.

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Download /frs /?group_id=586&release;_id=3540

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Rails Analyzer Tools

Rails Analyzer Tools is a collection of tools for benchmarking and monitoring a Rails application. The most useful is rails_stat which gives a live counter of requests per second of a running Rails app.

Gem name
Download /frs /?group_id=586&release;_id=2985

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SQL Dependency Grapher

As an added bonus you also get the SQL Dependency Grapher allows you to visualize the frequency of table dependencies in a Rails application. Don't delay, order today!

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Download /frs /?group_id=586&release;_id=2271

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