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Once in a while I see an entry or a goal and think to myself, “that’s what I love about 43 Things”. That’s exactly what I thought when I saw one 43 Things user helping Joe find the perfect shampoo.

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0 people want to find a shampoo that i like

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It’s hard to test shampoos, beacause once you buy one you’re stuck with it for 6 months or so.

I’m looking for a shampoo (and a conditioner?) that controls dandruff, keeps my hair from getting really oily for 2-3 days, keeps it from getting poofy, and makes my head smell good.

Anyone have any suggestions? I have thick hair (“jew-fro”) that gets oily quick and a scalp that tends to flake.

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  1. Herbal Essences.

    Makes hair calm (don’t get the volumizing one), and it smells really good. When mixed with your own smell, those around you notice ^_^.

    You can also check out the travel size shampoos to test, or write to a company complaining about finding the right product, and they may send you a sample in the mail.

    Or at least coupons!

    Good luck!

    ~wyn ^_^

  2. six months? You obviously don’t have children in the Harry Potter potion-making stage!

  3. Hello, Null
    How, are you doing, I am sorry you , have , this problem,I feel, i can , help.I use, sulf8,this, help’s, with oily and danuff,you can get , this product at a place called, sally’s beauty salon,i been using, this product for a while,this , worked, for me and my children.This , is my advice.I am not asking , you to try, this product, i am sharing, my experience.
    thank you

  4. Only poofs have poofy hair.

  5. Noelino Volaire

    Consider the Joico line of hair products. I personally use Joico Kerapro.

  6. OH MAN…go get Paul Mitchell’s TEA TREE OIL shampoo and conditioner. You can get it in the trial size so as not to commit yourself to 6 months of a product you can’t stand.

    Look, this stuff saved me from scratching like I had fleas. Dandruff?? I get a SNOW STORM! it really really helps. Leaves my hair pretty manageable, soft AND refreshed (you won’t believe it ’till you try it).
    It is a bit pricier than the grocery store brands, but OHMYGOD, what a difference it makes.

    lemme know how you make out on this.

  7. I’m flabbergasted. I just cant help thinking about the gulf that separates my shampoo usage from this guy’s. I’m a dude with long, but straight hair. I live with a woman who also has long straight hair. We go through a bottle of shampoo in a couple of weeks or so. My sweetie and I just cant figure out how this guy drags out his shampoo usage for so long.

    Also, if I were looking for a good dandruff control shampoo, I think I would buy one and use it for a week, and if I didn’t see good results I would go and buy another bottle, even if I still had plenty left.

  8. a bottle of shampoo for SIX months? You have very short hair or you don’t wash much. hee hee

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